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Northern Line extension impact on Kennington station

Today I visited Transport for London (TfL) headquarters in Southwark. Today, TfL changes to the northern line mean the Bank branch is closed form Kennington station until mid September affecting about 35,000 people daily.

Commuters are advised to get on the right branch at their home station and not seek to change as the impact will mostly be felt at Stockwell, Kennington and Elephant and Castle. No additional bus services are available. TfL are providing about 20 extra staff at the main stations affected as well as distributing lots of leaflets and making announcements about the changes.

The change results from platform level works linking the two branches for passengers. TfL did not advertise the closure until very recently and made no mention of works during the public inquiry into the northern line extension and its impact in Southwark and Lambeth. Local people will experinece much of the inconvenience of the works, including this enforced closure and the new shafts, but few of the benefits. I am still pushing for Kennington's rezoning (to Zone 1) to be brought forward when the closure ends in September.

TfL information on the changes can be found at: https://tfl.gov.uk/status-updates/major-works-and-events/kennington-improvements and if you need a Personal Journey Plan updating to reflect the changes please contact TfL directly.


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